Sub Camps


We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to BrumJam our third international camp. We are pleased to give you some of the details of what will be happening on the Sub Camps as our plans for the week are developing.

For the duration of the camp the Sub Camps are led by the Sub Camp Chief Sean Kelly and the 4 Sub Camp Team leaders.

The sub-camp leaders are

Explore Sub Camp

Fiona Day

Create Sub Camp

Tom Milson

Invent Sub Camp

Liz Curran

Discover Staff Sub Camp

Adam ‘Dexter’ Williams

The Sub Camp team leader role is to co-ordinate all the Sub Camp life and will be assisted by several assistant Leaders who are also there to help to get the most out of this unique ‘International Experience’.

There will be three participant sub-camps and one staff sub camp. The Sub Camps will each have a main theme colour and a name Explore (Green), Create (Red), Invent (Yellow and Discover for the staff (Blue). Each participant Sub Camp will also be split into two sub groups – Group A and Group B. This is to support the six different activities days. 

Your group will be allocated to a sub camp in advance of your arrival and we let you know where you are camping, what time to what time to arrive and which activity Group you are in. Your sub camp leader will be in touch with you before the event to clarify these details. Further details will be available closer to the event on the website and in the info booklet.

There will be a briefing for leaders in each sub camp every day. Each contingent should ensure at least one leader attends the briefing each evening as important information such as meeting times, coach cards and activity cards will be given out for the following days activities.  A member of the Programme Team will attend each briefing and will answer any programme related questions you may have.

As part of the daily programme there will be Sub Camp ‘Home Days’ these will take place on either the Sunday, Monday or Tuesday (depending on which Sub Camp you are on). The activities on these days will be split into 5 zones and will be called:

Chill Zone

To include fitness and yoga as well as a large area for participants to chill out after learning about some of the contributing stalls*

Community Zone

Tea Ceremonies, Scout Pride Mocktails, Faiths and Beliefs, Samaritans, Mind, Shelterbox

Imagine Zone

We are talking to Rolls Royce, Robot Wars and Craft*

Learn Zone

Will be including scouting partners and other organisations (such as RAF/ARMY/NAVY/UK Space Agency/Fire Service) that may be able to offer STEM related activities that will engage participants*

Tech Zone

We are planning activities such as either Engineering Development team – Rollercoaster Building*

Community Zone

Tea Ceremonies, Scout Pride Mocktails, Faiths and Beliefs, Samaritans, Mind, Shelterbox

* Activities to be confirmed

MINI’s for little people’

We don’t have a formal crèche however we want everybody including all ‘little people’ to have a great week. MINI’s is completely voluntary to be used by parent leaders coming to the camp. The Sub Camp team are also responsible for the MINI’s and the team leaders are Sharon Harper and Laura Norman. The MINI’s will be situated in the Group Room next to Upper Paddock. The creche will open between 09:00 and 17:00. All young people under the age of 10 using the crèche must have been booked in prior to the camp – places are limited and on a first come first served basis. The team are developing their own programme which is separate to the rest of the camp. Please remember to speak to a member of staff when both dropping off and collecting your children and that you are responsible for your children during lunch time and also for providing nappies.

Café & Bar

There will be a coffee shop on site for all campers, serving light refreshments. There will also be a leaders licensed bar in THE HUB in the evening.

Staff Sub Camp & Staff Catering

There will be a camping area dedicated to the Staff. All Staff signing up and camping for the week will benefit from a number of evening activities, entertainment, a formal Staff ‘’mess’’ or meal on the Thursday evening and ‘’end of show’’ party will be laid on specifically for the Staff at no extra cost as a way of saying thank you for working so hard.

We are also very pleased to be able to provide central Staff catering which will be led by our Staff Catering team leader Viv Jones. Again all Staff signing up and camping for the week are being catered for and we will be providing breakfast, lunch and dinner from Saturday 1st August through to lunch time on Saturday 8th August. Meals will be served at the following times:


7:00am to 8:30am


12:30pm to 2:00pm


5:30pm to 7:00pm



Items to bring to BrumJam

We are not going to list everything that you need to bring to BrumJam as you are all experienced campers so you won’t find a full kit list here. You all know to bring tents, marquees, catering equipment, tables and chairs etc. Hopefully this information will help you to prepare your Group for the Camp.

Camping Kit

All equipment should be checked before departure for the jamboree – it’s amazing how many groups forget the poles or pegs for the marquee or patrol tents! And it’s a good idea to bring some boundary rope and stakes to mark out your pitch and entrance.


BrumJam will be having a main camp flag break every morning at 09.00 on Upper Paddock. We will fly a flag for each Country represented on BrumJam. You are welcome to attend however please be aware of activity departure times. The best days to attend are when you are doing The Imagination Zone or The Confidence Zone which are both based on site.

If you have a Scout Group /Troop or Girl Guide Unit ‘’carrying type’’ flag on a pole then please bring it to the opening ceremony.

Fire Safety

Please bring a fire blanket, fire bucket and fire extinguisher for your kitchen area.

Radio Station @ BrumJam

Please bring a portable radio as we will be broadcasting live each day with music, news and updates so if you have a radio bring it to listen at your sub-camp. Tune in at 87.7FM!

Sense Of Humour & Patience

Please remember to pack a sense of humour and some patience. BrumJam will be a busy and tiring week for everybody. We are all volunteers and we all want to have a great time on BrumJam. There
will be busy times especially during arrivals and the first few days of activities while everybody settles in.

If you want help with something please tell us what you are trying to achieve and we can then find a solution. If you have concerns please come and speak to us at the Info Centre (based in The Hub) or complete a feedback card and we will try to fix things as we go.


A basic selection of tools to do some simple repairs. An adjustable spanner, a few screwdrivers, WD40 and Gaffer tape can fix most things.


For all members, adults and young people your national uniform should be worn for arrival at site, for the opening ceremony and for departure on the last day. For the closing ceremony please wear your sub-camp colours – green, red or yellow (or blue for Staff). When travelling off-site please ensure that you have your sub- camp neckerchief on.


Take a look at our draft site maps for Brumjam, giving you all the details you need to see what’s happening and where, please keep in mind that these could change at a later date.


Take a look at our draft layout for what will be happening across each activity zone during the event, please keep in kind this may change at a later date,


Take a look at our booking process so that you know what to expect. We are full for places for participants but would welcome staff bookings.