Less than 100 days until BrumJam 2016


So we are now less than 100 days until BrumJam 2016 – an exciting but scary feeling amongst the organising team who met recently…

There is a lot of fine tuning happening particularly now the camp is full and we can plan for the exact numbers taking part in each day so that each day runs smoothly.

The evening entertainment team have taken on board the feedback from the last camp and our planning three zones to entertain you – The Arena, The Clubhouse and Not Indoors/Not Amplified – all of which will have a different style and will hopefully suit a variety of tastes.

One exciting development is that we will be having a BrumJam radio station broadcasting live each day – so bring a radio to your camp to hear what is going on.

Our media and comms team will also be offering a photo printing service for the photos that they take around the camp – so for a small fee you can take away a print there and then.

The sub camp allocations have now been completed and you should now have been sent details of which sub camps you will be on – more info can be found here.

Each sub camp is now planning its themes, colours and the sub-camp day and we’ll keep you informed of how things are developing via a participant and staff newsletter which will be sent out at the end of May.

This will also include what you need to bring to the camp. Some of this information can be found here and this webpage will be added to as we get more information ourselves.

Whilst the camp is full to participants we do still need staff members – so if you can spare us a day, couple of days or can stay the whole week we want to hear from you and will try to place you in an area that interests you. We are also looking for Queens Scout Award and Duke of Edinburgh Gold participants who want to do their residential award section with us. Just drop us an email and we can get in touch with you – info@brumjam.org

All very exciting – see you all soon