BrumJam 2020 March Update

As we’re sure you’ll appreciate we’ve received a number of questions over recent days and weeks regarding whether BrumJam 2020 will be going ahead or if we’re planning to cancel it. As you can imagine this is a constantly changing situation and as yet we cannot say for certain what the outcome will be. With regards to BrumJam 2020, we held a Birmingham County team meeting this week and have deferred any decision until the end of May about cancelling the event in order to give us as much opportunity as possible to understand if the current restrictions will be lifted in time for the event to be held as planned.

We fully appreciate that each group has got different considerations and we understand that this is not ideal for planning purposes but does give us a larger window for us to make a final decision. As more information becomes available we will communicate further updates before the end of May.

All Groups booked on will receive a message regarding the situation this week. Thank you for your ongoing support – lets continue to be optimistic that we can run this fantastic event.