Around the World – a fantastic programme of activities

Brumjam 2012 DB August 01, 2012-3930

The Programme Chief and his team are busy organising a whole raft of activities and entertainment across 6 days, which in keeping with the theme, will take you all Around the World. This year, all of our activities are open to adult leaders to take part in so adults, please don’t forget to bring the right kit so you can have as much fun as the Young People you are bringing along!

The Programme Team will be taking you ‘Around the World ‘ where you will get the opportunity to experience new activities as well as some of your old favourites. The Programme has been split into 6 zones with every participant at the Jamboree getting the opportunity to take part in every zone.

The six activity zones are:

The Mountains

The Oceans

The Skies

The 4 Corners of the World

The Deserts


Plus a range of evening activities to suit everybody.

It promises to be a fantastic programme for the whole camp…..