When and where is BrumJam 2021?

The Jamboree will now be held between 31st July and 7th August 2021 at Blackwell Court, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire UK

How old do I need to be to attend as a participant?

The Jamboree is open to Scout and Explorer Sections and Guide and Senior Sections under the age of 18.

What do I need to bring to Camp?

We are adding to a list of items and information that will be useful for each Group before the start of the camp all the time. Click Here to find out more

What age range is the camp aimed at?

The Camp is for Scouts, Explorers, Guides and Senior Section from 10 to 17 years old. It is not aimed at the Cub or Brownie age group so we are not able to take participants in this age range.

What if I’m a member of Network / Rangers?

Rangers can attend as participant with a Group if you are under 18. Network and Rangers over the age of 18 however are eligible to attend as leaders or can volunteer as part of the BrumJam staff team if you hold an appointed leadership role and a satisfactory DBS/PVG/Access NI check ( UK Scouting only). It will be possible for Staff to camp with their Group, although they may want to consider camping with their respective staff team in the staff camping area.

What if I’m over 18 can I still come?

Yes we are looking for volunteers with a whole range of experience and specialist skills or just want to come and help to fill our many staff roles. The cost to attend as a staff member and help deliver BrumJam is £100 fully catered. However you must hold an appointed leadership role and a satisfactory DBS/PVG check. For more information on staff and the roles please go to the Staff area on this website.

Can Explorers come by themselves without a leader?

All participant groups attending BrumJam need to have leaders with them.

Will a Group Leaders handbook be issued?

Yes of course as soon as you have made you final payment a Group Leader handbook will be issued. Please copy and share this handbook with the leadershop team in your group. The handbook will contain many answers to your questions, site maps, location maps and a very detailed timing plan.

Will a Staff handbook be issued?

Yes of course as soon as you have made your application and final payment and certainly by the end of June a Staff handbook will be issued. The handbook will contain many answers to your questions, site maps, location maps and a very detailed timing plan.

How will BrumJam improve for 2021?

Following BrumJam 2016 we sent out a survey to all participants and staff asking for feedback. The organising team also held a review meeting to discuss improvements.
We know it is not possible to fix everything so a consolidated summary of the feedback has been made and reviewed. This focuses on the top 5 issues, the top 4 good things, stuff we can’t change (due to restrictions) and things we can change easily. Please take time to look at the information as we do take feedback seriously.

What will be the First Aid provision on the camp?

There will be a first aid team who are all medical professionals, who are volunteering during the week of the camp. We hope that sub camps will deal with cuts, scrapes, stings and minor illness within the sub camp areas. The team will then deal with the more concerning situations, such as anaphylaxis, severe asthma attacks, suspected breaks etc. Individual cases will be assessed and referred on if needed.


How much does it cost to come as a leader with my group?

The cost is £120 for leader attending with their groups and includes a full programme all activities and entertainment, camping, subcamp neckerchief and badge. This price excludes transport to and from BrumJam and food.

I am a leader attending with my group, what do I get for my £120?

Leaders also have full access to the programme just the same as the young people. We want the adults to also have a great time.

What is the payment schedule for young people?

A £30 deposit is required on the initial booking, followed by a second payment of £85 by the 31st December 2020 and a third payment of £85 by the 1st April 2021. Total £200.

What is the payment schedule for adult leaders?

A £30 deposit is required on the initial booking, followed by a second payment of £45 by the 31st December 2020 and a third payment of £45 by the 1st April 2021. Total £120.

What is the payment schedule for staff members?

For those staying all week we require a £30 deposit and then a final payment of £70 by the 31st December 2020. Total £100

For those attending for a few days there is a daily over night rate (which includes 1 night camping plus 1 x breakfast, lunch and dinner) we require a deposit of £20 per night and then any balance depending on the number of days attending to be paid by the 1st April 2021.

For those attending for the the day time only (no camping/no catering/no polo shirt) we only need your application to get you booked on. There is no charge of course.

What time can groups arrive on Saturday 31st July 2021?

11:30am on Saturday 31st July 2021

I have sent a cheque payment – does it get acknowledged?

You will receive an email to confirm that your payment has been cleared. Please note that payments are banked once a week and it can take up to 14 days for a cheque payment to clear before we contact you to confirm this.

What is the the closing date for bookings?

The closing date for bookings is currently the date the last payment is due. However, places are available on a first come, first served basis. i.e. whenever 1,500 places are filled, or the final payment date arrives, the bookings will close. As there are over 110 groups who have taken out booking forms, it would be advisable to secure your numbers as soon as possible, by making the initial deposit. You can always add to your booking, provided there are still places available.

What are the bank account details I need to pay money to the Camp?

Sort Code: 40 – 21 – 17
Account Number: 91408003
International Bank Account Number: GB29HBUK40211791408003
Branch Identifier Code HBUKGB4158B


Please quote your booking reference number when making a payment.

About Your Group

Does my Group need a Camping Permit holder?

Yes all Group contacts are responsible for ensuring that they comply with their organisation’s policies and rules concerning overnight / camping activities (e.g. The Scout Association (UK) Nights Away permit scheme, Girlguiding UK Residential Event Notification Form or equivalent). Either the Group contact or another appointed adult camping with the Group must hold the relevant camping permit.

What ratio of adult leaders to young people must we have in our group?

To ensure the safety of our young people and comply with the requirements of The Scout Association and Girl Guiding the following ratios will need to be met:

  • For Scout Groups 1 adult for every 12 young people with a minimum of 2 leaders per group.
  • For Guide Groups 1 adult for every 12 young people with a minimum of 3 leaders per group.

If there are additional leaders they may be required to pay £150 or can join the staff.

Being A Staff Member

I’m part of the Staff team and working all week why do I have to pay?

All Jamborees charge adults and staff and the cost for BrumJam is consistant with any other Jamboree being held in the UK. There is a cost for food just like if you where at home. Staff joining the team understand that we are there to deliver a fantastic opportunity for young people.

An additional benefit of being a member of the staff team will be the unique Staff activity programme such as the Blackwell Adventure Activities evening, It’s a Knock out evening, Staff ”formal mess” meal and of course the staff bar with various entertainment evenings*

*all to be confirmed.

I’m part of the Staff do we get any free time?

Yes of course. As Staff you should ensure that you take a break and some down time when you are not delivering your part of the prgramme. Your Team Leader should ensure that there is sufficent staff on your team to ensure everybody gets a break and time to enjoy some of the evening staff activities.

Is there a quiet area for staff working long and unsociable hours?

A specific sub-camp area has been created for Staff on Lower Paddock Field*.

Quiet Zone 1 (Staff Area) – Located on Lower Paddock (behind the wooded copice) is a nominated quite zone, please camp in this area if you work late and start late(r)*.

For everybody else who is active between 6.30am and 11:00pm then Staff camping is allocated to the upper area of Lower Paddock

*Although if it does rain heavily before BrumJam then we may have to change the location of the sub camps and this could include not having some many quite areas as we will have less space to do everything

About The Camp

Can we have/cook on an open fires and BBQ’s?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible at BrumJam. Due to the nature and size of the event it isn’t possible to use them within the camping areas. However gas BBQ’s are acceptable. Only those who are running specific programme activities authorised by the organising team are permitted to have open fires.

What if it rains?

If it rains then at least we know we are in the UK! Pack for the climate including everyting from sunny and hot to rain and cold and possibly both in the same day! Once BrumJam starts the activities will continue unless there are safety concerns. There is also a chance that we may have to change the location of some subcamps and activities to suit poor weather. We will also be hiring in large marquees for each subcamp so the activities can continue if it really does rain.

Will there be a Crèche?

We don’t have a formal crèche however we want everybody including all ‘little people’ to have a great week. MINI’s is completely voluntary to be used by parent leaders coming to the camp. This is for dependants at BrumJam 2021 for those under 10 year olds.

Those dependants will be the responsibility of the parents attending the camp. MINI’s which will have its own small unique programme and does not necessarily include the big activities in the same way as the main programme and will be more suitable for the age group.
On the basis that it will be a much reduced programme for MINI’s there is no charge for dependants to attend the camp – which means they camp for free.

Although if dependants wish to go to Alton Towers an additional charge (to be clarified later) will apply.
With regards to initial bookings any dependants should simply be noted in the covering note or e-mail when the application is returned. So we keep a tally of how many will be potentially be attending MINI’s. Please detail their name and age.

The Group ”nominal role” (to be issued in May 2021) will ask for final confirmation of how many dependants will be attending.
The camp is aimed at Scouts/Explorers/Guides and Rangers. Those under the age of 10 e.g Beaver/Cubs/Brownies etc may only attend as dependants e.g children of adults and leaders attending BrumJam 2021. If children of leaders are also part of Scouting or GirlGuiding e.g. Beavers/Cubs/Brownies etc, they may wear their uniform.

We already have in place a MINI’s team leader and are now looking for some willing volunteers to be members of the team. Potentially we will be able to offer 20 places to young people and therefore need around 7 adults to take care of both the young people and develop and deliver a stand alone and unique programme of activities for the week. The role description can be found on the BrumJam website and if you are interested please contact info@brumjam.org.

All bookings for MINI’s must be recorded on the online booking form as we need to ensure we have sufficient staff to look after all the young people.

Got deliveries of food?

All deliveries of food from Supermarkets will be directed to Station Field at Gate 1 on Agmore Road.

When making your booking with the Supermarket please ensure that they have your Scout Group Number, Sub Camp name, your contact name and your mobile phone number.

Support team staff will then be available to help move food to the allocated camping pitch.

Are we able to order food deliveries from the campsite?

There will be a laptop facility in the Stable Block which will be available from 2.00 – 5.00pm each day to place

supermarket orders from to make it easier to do this rather than from the middle of the camping field!!

When will we find out which sub camp we are on?

Due to the constant change in bookings and numbers we will not be allocating Groups to sub camps until around Easter 2021.

What size will the area be that we will be camping in?

The size of your campsite will depend on the numbers in your Group. As Group sizes vary there is no standard site. We would ask that Groups take a reasonable and realistic view as to how much space they actually require. If you are a regular at Blackwell Court you also may not get your favourite pitch or be the closest to the toilets. We therefore ask people to be flexible.
In mid May 2021 we will be sending out the ‘’nominal role’’ form which also requests that Groups detail information relating to the number and style of tents each Group is bringing. Each Sub Camp is broadly 90m by 90m and therefore has a finite amount of space and must accommodate 500 people, all tents, group trailers, roadways/firebreaks and a main sub camp marquee. Based on our experience we know that it is possible to fit this in within each of the fields.
Groups are responsible for bringing sufficient tentage just like any other camp and that boys and girls have separate accommodation – this is best practice in the UK.All equipment should be checked before departure for the jamboree – it’s amazing how many groups forget the poles or pegs for the marquee or patrol tents! And it’s a good idea to bring some boundary rope and stakes to mark out your pitch and entrance.
We ask that groups keep a 3m boundary around the main catering marquee when erecting this next to other tentage – this is for fire safety purposes and ask where possible that catering marquees are ideally put next to the fire break or road way. Over lapping of guy lines for all other general tentage is acceptable. Tents should be put up in straight lines rather than circles as this maximizes the space.
In summary we ask that all Groups consider the tentage they will bring. For example, if the Group is bringing 20 people then a catering marquee of 80ft x 100ft would be considered unacceptable, however a catering marquee of 20ft x 15ft would be acceptable. Of course we will do or best to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Are risk assessments produced for the camp?

Groups are responsible for completing risks assessments for areas they are responsible for such as camping pitches, cooking areas and travelling to and from the event. A number of risk assessments will be produced for those activities and tasks that may present a risk to both staff and participants. Blackwell Adventure, Upton Warren Aztec Adventure, We’re a Knockout and our external contractors have their own risk assessments which they will share with us. BrumJam is producing risk assessments relating the other areas of the event and activities. Part of BrumJam risk management includes producing a handbook which must be read by all adults, this is sent out on 1st July following receipt of final payment. Team leaders (for Staff) and the Group Leaders are responsible for sharing details of the risk assessments and specifically the steps that need to be followed to minimise the risks with their teams and young people, please ensure that you follow the instructions that are set out in the risk assessments. Risk Assessments can be viewed upon request during the week of BrumJam.

Travel, Arrivals & Departures

What’s the plan for departure of Groups?

If groups require assistance during departure either to tow a trailer or move kit then each Sub Camp is responsible to prepare a Group departure list. The list will be handed to the Support Team on Saturday morning of departure. Each Group will then be assisted to depart in turn according to the Sub Camp Departure list. The departure time is between 09:00 and 15:00 on Saturday 7th August.

Support team staff will be available until all groups have vacated site or no longer required.

What time can groups arrive on Saturday 31st July?

Groups and participants must arrive after 11:30am on Saturday 31st July 2021.

What time can staff arrive on Saturday 31st July 2021?

Unless you’ve been specifically asked to arrive earlier, please aim to arrive at Blackwell Court between 09:00am and 11:00am on Saturday 31st July 2021. The best post code is B60 1PY and enter via Gate 3 (see site map). After parking your car please report to the Coleman shelter (look for the flags) at the entrance to Lower Paddock to book in and collect your ID card and event polo shirts etc.

Staff arriving on Friday to report to the Stable Block (Admin) between 18:00 and 20:00 to book in and collect your ID card and event polo shirts etc.

All cars/vans should clearly display their vehicle identification document which will enable us to easily contact drivers if required.

What’s the deal with car parking?

Unlike many large camps and international jamborees we are lucky to have all car parking on site for the duration. However this means we do have to allocate parking according to requirements. Thankfully the site is 75 acres which means you can walk from one side to the other in about 10 minutes.

  • All campers/groups and BrumJam Staff park on The Park (access via Gate 3).
  • All day visitors (arrival and departure day Saturday) park on The Park (access via Gate 3)
  • All day visitors (Sunday to Friday) park on Station Field. (access via Gate 1)
  • All Blackwell Adventure Staff park on Station Field or their normal car park (as normal).
  • All coaches drop off on Station Field (access via Gate 1)

No parking in the Stable Block or Manor House car parks which are reserved for Ambulances, Kubota’s and site vehicles.

Are group and staff vehicles allowed in the camping areas / sub camps?

Unfortunately no group and staff cars are allowed in the camping areas/subcamps. However we are pleased to confirm for this camp we have an agreement that vans and vehicles towing trailers are allowed on the Sub Camp roads during the arrivals day and the final hour during departures. All equipment must be unloaded quickly and then all vehicles must be moved and parked on the event car parking accessed via Gate 3. Outside of these times only authorised site and support vehicles are allowed on the Sub Camp roads.

Van and trailer access to the sub camps will be managed by the Support team and walked on to the Sub Camp road ways. Please work with the Support team as they have a difficult job to do.

Please also see the notes about arrivals and departures. If you need any heavy kit moved please contact the Support Team.

If you are arriving by car please go directly to the event main parking accessed via Gate 3 where members of the Support team will be able to assist in moving kit.

So what’s the easiest way to get onto site?

If we can offer some advice it could be better to arrange for your Group to bring all their camping equipment in a trailer and all young people to arrive by Coach if you have a long distance to travel. This is the fastest way onto site.

The next best option is for the camping equipment to arrive in a van or trailer and all young people to arrive by passenger van if you are more local.

The hard way is bring the camping equipment in leader’s cars and the young people being dropped off by parents in their cars.

We can cope with all options however less cars means less traffic, less queuing and less stress – which is better for everybody :-)

What’s the plan for departures?

Your Sub Camp team leader will be issued with a list which will be displayed in your Sub Camp Marquee this will contains a number of time slots. If you require help moving equipment or towing a trailer on departure then please book the time that you require. Please allow those with specific coach departure times and longer distances to travel to book first.

The list will then be given to the Support Team on the Saturday morning of departure and will assist each Group in turn. The Support Team will continue working until all Groups have vacated the site or until no longer required.

Where a trailer is provided by the Support team it is expected that the Group loads and unloads the trailer.

Vans and vehicles towing Trailers will only be allowed onto the Sub Camp roadways when it is considered safe by the Event Organising Team or the Campsite Manager. This is anticipated to be at 13:00 or when at least 90% of the young people have vacated the Sub Camp.

Please ensure that your personal equipment and camping area is cleared between 09:00 and 14.00 on Saturday 8th August 2021. Please remove all litter and rubbish from your camping area. Any assistance you can give to helping clear the site would be appreciated.

Booking Process

Details of the booking process can be found in this PDF