The Programme Chief and his team are busy organising a whole raft of activities and entertainment across 6 days, which in keeping with the theme, will take you all Around the World. This year, all of our activities are open to adult leaders to take part in so adults, please don’t forget to bring the right kit so you can have as much fun as the Young People you are bringing along! The Programme Team will be taking you ‘Around the World ‘ where you will get the opportunity to experience new activities as well as some of your old favourites. The Programme has been split into 6 zones with every participant at the Jamboree getting the opportunity to take part in every zone. The six activity zones are:

‘The 4 Corners of the World’

This day will be on site and we have created 4 different zones from all ‘4 corners of the earth’. The first stop will be the Hawaiian themed pool party with team games, music and the chance to make friends around the pool. The next stop is out into the Jungle where you will get the chance to learn and practice bushcraft skills and gauge how well you could survive if left on your own against the elements. Next up is the Wild West where you get the chance to show your skills on our Segway course, race against your friends on our Bodyzorb racetrack and test your bravery in our Freefall challenge. Finally, you will get the chance to catch your breath in the craft tent with the opportunity to make some great keepsakes to remind you of your time at the Jamboree.

‘The Mountains’

Taking you high up on the adrenaline high wires of Blackwell Adventure mixed in with more ‘down to earth’ activities. Everyone will get the chance to take part in 4 different activities throughout the day. Each person should get one adrenaline activity in the morning and one in the afternoon and one more sedate in the morning and one in the afternoon. The activities could include Zip Wires, Create Stacking, 3G Swing, Climbing, Abseiling, Karts, Tree Trek, Archery, Grass Sleds and Swimming etc.

‘The Skies’

As the name suggests, we will take you to the skies with a full day at Alton Towers theme park where you will have the day to experience as many rides as possible including the all action rides- Rita, Nemesis, Oblivion and Air, before returning to the site at the end of the day. This is of course located off site and around 70miles (112km) to the north of the campsite. Alton Towers is a theme park with a whole bunch of rides and attractions. This is an early start and we will arrange transport to and from the park on coaches. The cost of the camp includes entry into Alton Towers.

‘ The Oceans’

The wetter the better as we take you to the Oceans in our day trip to Edgbaston Reservoir. Our coaches will take you to Edgbaston Reservoir where our fully trained staff will make sure you have a great time on the water with everyone having the opportunity to take part in two activities from the following: Sailing, Canoeing, Wind Surfing, Stand-up Paddle Boards, Kayaking, and Rowing.

‘The Deserts’

The Deserts of the World are some of the most challenging parts of the World. This activity zone represents your toughest challenge yet! You will be competing as part of a team against the rest of your sub-camp to conquer the ‘It’s a Knockout’ Challenge and be crowned Team Champions! This will be located off site but only a short walk to our other facility at Pikes Pool Camp Site. It will be a full day of fun and laughter using a whole range of inflatable’s. with a bit of foam and water added to the mix!


You will be exhilarated with all of the fun, action and adventure throughout the week but they say there’s no place like home. You will be spending a day really getting to know the other members of your sub-camp with the BrumJam Big Breakfast, competitions and more, all taking place and organised on your own sub-camp by your sub-camp leaders.

Evening Entertainment

If you still have the energy then each evening we will have a range of evening entertainment. There will be an opening and closing ceremony and disco’s/bands, cinema, camp fires, theme nights. For those that like to wind down in the evenings, we will have separate areas for adults to recharge their batteries and a quieter zone for those who want to sit back, relax and chill during the evenings.

How does the weather affect the activities?

Please note that we are unable to pre-order the weather!!! Our wet-weather programme will be same as the dry programme so please be prepared and dress for the conditions!! We only stop if there is a compromise to safety. We will all have a fantastic camp whatever the weather!

Items to bring to BrumJam

We are not going to list everything that you need to bring to BrumJam as you are all experienced campers so you won’t find a full kit list here. You all know to bring tents, marquees, catering equipment, tables and chairs etc. Hopefully this information will help you to prepare your Group for the Camp.

Camping Kit

All equipment should be checked before departure for the jamboree – it’s amazing how many groups forget the poles or pegs for the marquee or patrol tents! And it’s a good idea to bring some boundary rope and stakes to mark out your pitch and entrance.


BrumJam will be having a main camp flag break every morning at 09.00 on Upper Paddock. We will fly a flag for each Country represented on BrumJam. You are welcome to attend however please be aware of activity departure times. The best days to attend are when you are doing The Mountain Zone or The Four Corners of the World Zone which are both based on site.

If you have a Scout Group /Troop or Girl Guide Unit ‘’carrying type’’ flag on a pole then please bring it to the opening ceremony.

Fire Safety

Please bring a fire blanket, fire bucket and fire extinguisher for your kitchen area.

Radio Station @ BrumJam

Please bring a portable radio as we will be broadcasting live each day with music, news and updates so if you have a radio bring it to listen at your sub-camp. Tune in at 87.7FM!

Sense Of Humour & Patience

Please remember to pack a sense of humour and some patience. BrumJam will be a busy and tiring week for everybody. We are all volunteers and we all want to have a great time on BrumJam. There
will be busy times especially during arrivals and the first few days of activities while everybody settles in.

If you want help with something please tell us what you are trying to achieve and we can then find a solution. If you have concerns please come and speak to us at the Info Centre (based in The Hub) or complete a feedback card and we will try to fix things as we go.


A basic selection of tools to do some simple repairs. An adjustable spanner, a few screwdrivers, WD40 and Gaffer tape can fix most things.


For all members, adults and young people your national uniform should be worn for arrival at site, for the opening ceremony and for departure on the last day. For the closing ceremony please wear your sub-camp colours – green, red or yellow (or blue for Staff). When travelling off-site please ensure that you have your sub- camp neckerchief on.

Site Maps

Take a look at our draft site maps for BrumJam, giving you all the details you need to see what’s happening and where, please keep in mind that these could change at a later date.

Activity Zones

Take a look at our current draft layout for what will be happening across each activity zone during the event, please keep in mind this may change at a later date.

Booking Process

Take a look at our booking process so that you what to expect. We are full for places for participants but would welcome staff bookings.

Event Date

30th July 2016 - 6th August 2016

Event Time

12:00 AM - 20:00 PM

Event Location