1. BrumJam 2020 is organised and run by the Scout Association County of Birmingham. Activities are organised in accordance with the Policy Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association (UK). Full details at
2. The BrumJam 2020 Organising Team reserve the right to alter or vary the programme due to events or circumstances beyond its control without being obliged to refund monies. This can include change to publicised activities.
3. All Group Contacts and Staff Members should read any additional information sent to them before attending the event. Including Group Information handbooks or Staff Information handbooks
4. Please check your booking confirmation as mistakes cannot always be rectified.
5. Places for BrumJam 2020 are limited and will be allocated to Groups on a first come, first served basis – only once deposits are received and confirmed, will places be guaranteed. The organisers cannot guarantee that all bookings received by the closing date will be able to be accommodated.
6. In the event that additional places are available after the closing date has passed, these may be booked with the organiser’s approval. Please contact the BrumJam 2020 Organising Team on to enquire about availability.
7. All final payments must be received by 30th June 2020.Payment profile:

Young People (under 18)  

Deposit £30 (on application)

2nd payment £85 (due 1st Feb 2020)

3rd payment £85 (due 1st June 2020)

Total £200

Adults (over 18)                                   

Deposit £30 (on application)

2nd payment £45 (due 1st Feb 2020)

3rd payment £45 (due 1st June 2020)

Total £120

Staff (over 18) All Week
Early bird discount application & deposit payment by 31st December 2019
Deposit £30 (on application)                               
2nd Payment £45 (due 1st June  2020) 
Total £75
Staff (over 18) All Week
If application and deposit not received by 31st December 2019
Deposit £30 (on application)
2nd Payment £70 (due 1st June 2020) 
Total £100
Staff (Staff (over 18) Daily Overnight Rate
(1 night camping plus 1 x breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Deposit £20 (on application)                               
Any balance (due 1st June 2020)
Staff (over 18) Daily/Visitor Rate
(no camping/no catering/no polo shirt)
Deposit £nil

2nd Payment £70 (due 1st June 2020) – if not booked onto event before

30th June 2019

Total £100

Where applications are received after the 2nd or 3rd stage payment date both the deposit, 2nd payment and/or the 3rd payment as applicable will become due for payment.

The BrumJam bank account details are:

Sort Code: 40-21-17

Account Number: 91408003

International Bank Account Number: GB29HBUK40211791408003

Branch Identifier Code: HBUKGB4158B

Cheques to be sent to:

BrumJam2020, 25 Peak House Road, Great Barr, Birmingham B43 7RY

8. To ensure the safety of our young people and comply with the requirements of The Scout Association and Girl Guiding the following ratios will need to be met:
For Scout Groups: 1 adult for every 12 young people with a minimum of 2 leaders per group.
For Guide Groups: 1 adult for every 12 young people with a minimum of 3 leaders per group.
If there are additional leaders joining the activities the additional leaders will be required to pay £150 or can join the staff team
NB. The additional Leader payment is chargeable when there are more than 3 Leaders (this applies to both organisations)

9. Names and other details of all individual members of the Group must be provided by 15th June 2020. Amendments to details of individuals attending the camp may be changed up to 1st July 2020 provided there is no change in total numbers.

10. Payments are non-refundable. If a Group, or Staff cancel, then the outstanding payments are due according to the payment profile detailed in item 7

11. Staff price includes full catering for the duration of the Jamboree, or Staff Daily overnight rate, which includes catering, or Staff day visitor, which excludes catering.

12. Young People and Adult prices exclude transport to and from the event, food and medical and personal insurance

13. The BrumJam 2020 Organising Team assumes responsibility for verifying that all volunteer event staff over the age of 18 years old hold a valid DBS/PVG/Access NI Disclosure (Applies to UK Scouting/Guiding only).

14. Groups are responsible for ensuring that all adults attending BrumJam 2020 as part of their group, hold a valid DBS/PVG disclosure and that this information is supplied to the Organising Team, on request, prior to the event. Group contacts are also responsible for ensuring that they comply with their organisation’s policies and rules concerning overnight / camping activities (e.g. The Scout Association (UK) Nights Away permit scheme, Girlguiding UK Residential Event Notification Form or equivalent).

15. As with any other camp, the responsibility for the young people is with the leaders of your group.

16. In the unlikely event that the Organising Team have to cancel, or reschedule BrumJam 2020, we will inform Group Contacts and Staff of the cancellation by email. In the unlikely event that BrumJam 2020 is cancelled any payments received from Groups or Staff will be refunded. Where BrumJam 2020 is rescheduled Group Contacts and Staff should contact the Organising Team if they are unable to make the revised date to request a refund. No compensation will be payable.

17. Participants and Staff must ensure that they comply with all relevant safety announcements and activity regulations whilst participating in the event. The BrumJam 2020 Organising Team reserves the right to ask anybody found breaching these rules or those of The Scout Association (UK), Blackwell Adventure, the BrumJam 2020 contract partners, or demonstrating unacceptable behaviour to leave the event without recompense.

18. The BrumJam 2020 Organising Team reserve the right to maintain sanctions necessary, should participants break agreements on the behaviour charter.

19. Fireworks, amplified sound equipment, generators, or power points may not be used on site during the event without advance permission of the BrumJam 2020 Organising Team.

20. Where damage is caused to fields by unauthorised vehicular access, the BrumJam 2020 Organising Team reserves the right to charge the vehicle driver for such damage.

21. In certain circumstances where vehicles are causing an obstruction or incorrectly parked, Blackwell Adventure, BrumJam 2020 Organising Team reserves the right to tow such vehicles out of the way without the owner’s express permission.

22. Participants, Groups and Staff Members should be aware that on occasion they might be photographed, filmed or audibly recorded as members of the Scout or Guide Associations, for promotional purposes. It is each Group Contact’s responsibility to inform the BrumJam 2020 Organising Team, or the Photographer, if any member in their party does not wish to be photographed, filmed or audibly for these purposes.

Legitimate interest

On occasion it is not practical or even possible to have gained formal consent from every individual who may feature in photography, video and audio. An example situation could be large-scale event where the volume of attendees is high, and the event is spread over a large area. It is a reasonable expectation that photography, video and audio will be captured at an event like this and that the digital assets will have minimal impact on the individuals in question. In these situations, it is important to at least inform individuals of your intentions with regards to photography, video and audio at the point of entry or around the event area, this can be as visual signage or literature handed out around or even before the event.

Informing people of your intention lets them know that you have a legitimate interest to create digital assets and provides the opportunity for people to express their wishes.

23. Each Group/contingent will be expected to provide all their own camping equipment, cooking must be on gas/ petrol stoves (unless agreed in advance). All activities will be organised within the rules and regulations of The Scout Association (UK) and the safety of all participants of BrumJam will our highest priority.

24. Personal insurance, medical insurance (for international participants) and responsibility for belongings and camping equipment will not be covered by BrumJam 2020 organisers – for further details visit our website.

25. The BrumJam 2020 Organising Team, Blackwell Adventure, The Scout Association (UK) and Girl Guiding UK accept no responsibility for any personal property.

26. The BrumJam 2020 Organising Team primary forms of communication to Group Contacts and Event Staff up to the event will be by e-mail, website and Facebook.

27.You can find out more about how we use your data from our “Privacy Notice” which is available from our website You can withdraw or change your consent at any time by contacting our Data Protection Lead or by emailing Please note that all processing of your personal data will cease once you have withdrawn consent, other than where this is required by law or in order to deliver the Event to you if you are still attending. In any event this will not affect any personal data we have processed up until that point.

28. All of these terms and conditions are governed by English Law.

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