BrumJam 2020

Bookings are now open for International Groups to book onto BrumJam 2020. Camp fees are £200 and £120 for leaders. Participants must be between 10 and 17. All other bookings, UK, Republic of Ireland and staff will be open from the 1st January 2019. Simply register your Group and you will receive a reference number to complete the booking form. Staff can register their interest by sending an email to

Subcamp Roles

We have some exciting SubCamp roles to fill and are looking for a great team of volunteers to become part of our staff team. Take a look at the role descriptions and if you are interested please drop us an email-


BrumJam Updates!


Sub Camp roles – still time to apply


BrumJam 2020 Launch


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BrumJam 2016 is well underway!


BrumJam 2016 is here!

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